I martedì di Ippolito, Never let me go

La rassegna promossa da ‘I martedì di Ippolito’, ha ospitato il 15 marzo 2022 il traduttore Marcus Perryman, il quale ha incontrato alcuni studenti e studentesse del nostro Istituto. È stata un’occasione di scambio di parole e di idee in lingua inglese e di confronto sul romanzo distopico di Kazuo Ishiguro, Never let me go.

Di seguito, alcune riflessioni sull’esperienza scritte dalle studentesse di 3H e 3E.

“On March 15th there was a meeting next to the school with a special guest, Mr. Perryman, who introduced us the book Never let me go written by Kazuo Ishiguro. The place was very welcoming and also the people there, very friendly. In my opinion, this experience was fascinating.  Mr. Perryman was clear with the explanations and I admired the way he spoke to us. I understood a lot about the book with his clear definitions of the first page of it. I liked he said this book is not easy mainly because Ishiguro put himself in the shoes of a girl, who is a carer and he could not write well, so the grammar seems more complex to be understood. He also made us watching some parts of the film that he explained after and he told lots of things about Ishiguro and what he meant by writing this book and the purpose of it. I especially liked when he answered to my question which was: ‘Why did Ishiguro choose for the book the title Never let me go?’ and of course, its meaning. Mr. Perryman definitely convinced me to read it. When someone explains a book that he/she perfectly knows, he/she could inspire you; you may like the story or also try to find yourself in the plot: it is feeling that leads you to read it, which is not a foregone thing.”

G.R. classe 3E

Last Tuesday, March 15th, after watching the movie in English Never Let Me Go in class, I had the opportunity to participate at San Micheliana’s room of our Institute to take part in a meeting organized by some teachers of the school. The lecturer, Marcus Perryman, told us about the plot of the film with its characters and in particular about the author Kazuo Ishiguro and his way of writing. It was a very pleasant experience and an alternative way to analyze the reading of a book. Listening to Marcus Perryman I had the opportunity to learn new words and to develop my knowledge of the English language.

Experience definitely to be repeated. 

Alice Filippi classe 3H

On the 15th of March we attended a conference with Mr. Perryman. 
The lesson was about the book Never let me go and Mr. Perryman explained us 
and described details and secrets of the book. 
We meditated on the meaning of some key words of the text and its structure. 
It was very interesting the first part where I felt more attentive, 
but then I got lost in some words I did not know. 
I was glad to have participated, especially for the welcoming spirit that was created. 
Alice Poggiato classe 3H

On the 15th of March I went with a friend to a conference held at the hall of the school. There was a special guest, Mr. Marcus Perryman, he is a very kind person and I really liked the way he talked to us.

It was a beautiful place and it was very welcoming, we sat down and Mr. Perryman introduced us the book Never Let Me Go written by Kazuo Ishiguro and he talked about his life.

The book was written very well but there were some difficult parts of it, so Mr. Perryman explained them to us.

We read some parts of the book and after, we spoke about it and we watched some parts of the film inspired by the book.

I really enjoyed this experience and it was a pleasure to know Mr. Perryman.

Jayasekara Patabendige Amelia Perera classe 3E

“On Tuesday 15th of March some of my classmates and I decided to participate to a reading meeting of the book Never let me go, with the attendance of a British lecturer. I had not read the book, because it is a bit complicated for me, but in class we watched the movie with our English teacher. During the meeting the lecturer talked and told us about the writer and the narrator. He was a nice ‘type’; I liked the way he introduced us to the book (even if I did not understand everything he said), he gave a lot of emphasis to what he was saying. He got us involved a lot by asking ourselves what we thought and asking ourselves questions too. We also read the first pages of the book together and we saw a short part of the film. To sum up, it was a very interesting experience and different from usual meetings. I will do it again for sure. “

Ermina Vicol classe 3H

Attending a meeting completely in English surprised me.

It was very difficult to understand what the lecturer was saying, I was not so familiar with this kind of English because it was not the usual foreign language used at school.

I realized how fascinated was to read some parts of the story and Mr. Perryman gave me some of those feelings even thought. I had not read the book. It was certainly an interesting experience and I was happy to be able to take part of it, despite my initial fears due to the fact that I am very shy.

Silvia Pasotto classe 3H

On Tuesday 15th of March I participated to a school project. 
I admit that I had a lot of anxiety because it was the first time for me 
and I felt very uncomfortable. 
But it was a really nice experience. 
Unfortunately, I had not read the book,  but I had seen the movie 
at school and at home to truly understand it. 
At this meeting there was a British lecturer, who explained us 
the story of the book  and from the way he was explaining it, 
I could tell he liked it so much. 
Mr. Perryman also talked about other books of Ishiguro. 
At first, it was a little bit difficult to keep up with him 
but gradually it became easier and easier, 
he was also sarcastic and funny in some parts. 
It was a really nice experience and I would like to attend another meeting again. 
Ahlam Gliba classe 3H


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