5 coronation facts you didn’t know

1. The coronation chair, also know as “St Edward’s chair”, was made in about 1300. In fact, this is the oldest piece of furniture in the United Kingdom, still in use for its original purpose.

2. The oldest object used during a Coronation it’s the silver-gilt Coronation Spoon. Dating from the 12th Century, it’s used to anoint the monarch with holy oil. 

3. Many of the medieval Crown Jewels were sold or destroyed in 1649, when England briefly became a republic after two bloody civil wars.

4. During the ceremony, the Armills are placed around the King’s wrists during the ceremony. The Armills are two gold bracelets representing sincerity and wisdom.

5. Over 20 pieces of regalia are included in the Coronation, including 4 swords, 3 crowns and assorted maces, orbs, rings, spoons and even a set of spurs!

Another extra curiosity is about food. Food has always played an important role in the coronation ceremonies of British monarchs. As a sign of prestige, wealth or even as a symbolic representation of the values of the new monarch, the dishes served at coronation banquets have a fascinating history. Amongst the most lavish was that laid on by George IV in 1821, when the king and his retinue managed to plough their way through an astonishing seven tonnes of meat and over 1,600 chickens for a final bill that ran to the equivalent of over £20 million in today’s money. 

The coronation of Queen Elizabeth II on 2 June 1953 was a rather thriftier affair. A special recipe was created for the occasion: coronation chicken, a lightly spiced creamy curried chicken that has become a sandwich-filler favourite. And the official coronation recipe for the crowning of Charles III? A coronation quiche featuring organic eggs, spinach, broad beans and tarragon dreamed up by the Royal Chef Mark Flanagan.

Giulia La Sala 5C


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