And what about it: love is such a powerful word isn’t it?

We are always talking about love, in songs, movies, books, in the things we do. Love its one of the major factors that moves this world we in.

So what is LOVE?

if we look up the definition of love this is what comes up :

“to like another adult very much and be romantically and sexually attracted to them, or to have strong feelings of liking a friend or person in your family

But given this definition do we still know what love is?

I personally think that love is so much deeper than that, I don’t think it is something you can actually give a definition of because love can mean a lot of different things to each of us.Love is such a major factor for us because we as humans naturally seek for companionship.

This “feeling” is such a mystery thanks to the continuous changes that we face during our life.Like the type of love that you may feel for your highschool boyfriend/girlfriend is very much not the same type of love you feel when you reach your late 20s., and that’s because during that time period you got to learn about yourself and you got wiser with your emotions . You are always evolving and so is the way you experience each feeling: Love keeps you alive, maybe that’s  by loving something, someone or yourself.

I think what people forget about sometimes is that to love someone else you have to love yourself first, because if we don’t love ourselves first how can we be able to love other people.Being able to love yourself with all your complexities in order to love someone else’s complexities .

Love is strange , love is beautiful, love is scary, love is breathtaking. It can take you to your highest of high like it can bring you to your lowest of lows, but if we dont a risk we will never know which one it is , would we? One of my guilty pleasures is rom coms. I just love those types of films.

I like them because they give me hope and comfort. My parents are divorced so i don’t exactly have a good example of what it should look like, instead i know exactly what it should look like, but has that stopped me from being a lover girl with all my heart?Absolutely not. Instead i love love with all my being, I love seeing people love one another, I love listening  to music about love, I love reading about love, and I love experiencing true love in  the films I watch. People can say that the love that is shown in the movies isn’t real but what if it was. Why can’t that be real? We have gotten so used to love disappointing us that we lost what love actually is .

Love is wanting to talk to that person everyday, is wanting to share the good and bad. I ove is supporting each other’s true life, love is caring for them, love is the smallest gestures they show you. Love is just you being you and showing it to the other person.

So why is it so hard to think that what we read and what we see about love cant be our reality . There is so much I would like to say but there is so little what words can let you express.

This is my take on love, so what do you think love is?

Stephanie Osarefe 3E


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